One year ago today I was getting ready to go to a concert that I had no idea would be one of the best concerts I have ever attended. That’s saying quite a lot considering the amount of shows I have been to since I was 14.  I spent the morning lounging around watching Mumford videos with my best friend, Andie, who had come into town from Mississippi for the show. At the time I was doing promotional events for Hard Rock Cafe and was working before the show that night. Fortunately for me and Andie, this meant we had to arrive at the venue extra early so I could start work. I put Andie in line to hold our spot and instructed her multiple times on which side of the stage she needed to be.

Left side in front of Ben. Remember to be on the left side if you are looking AT the stage. 

While I was working outside, there were TONS of people trying to scalp tickets. I really felt like I had the GOLDEN TICKET, espcially when one man offered me $1000 for my ticket. Sorry dude, that’s a lot of money but I have waited MONTHS for this concert. 

After everyone was in the venue, I could FINALLY go in once my work was over! I quickly ran in and found Andie right where I had repeatedly instructed her to stand. This is why we are best friends, y’all! She was on the VERY FRONT ROW! In all the concerts I have ever been to, I have never been directly on the front row. And let me tell you, It was SUCH an amazing experience! I always thought people were crazy for getting there so early just to be up front. It was worth it!!!

The first opener came on. King Charles. I feel like that is all I need to say. He was absolutely amazing. And his outfit was even more incredible!!! I had heard such good things about him from other friends, but it did not prepare me for actually seeing him perform live.

Next up on the bill was Cadillac Sky (Rest in Peace). Again, another electric performance by an incredible band. This is where I first fell in love with David Mayfield and Ross Holmes. David was all over the stage. Rolling around. Jumping up and down. Shaking his ass. Typical David Mayfield stuff. Marcus actually came out and played drums on a few songs. Ben came out and played keys. It was awesome to say the least. I was so very, very sad when they announced they were splitting up soon after this concert.

If you look close, you can spy Marcus on drums!

Then….it was the moment I had been waiting MONTHS for…..


The setlist was as follows:

Sigh No More 
Roll Away Your Stone 
Winter Winds
White Blank Page 
Below My Feet 
I Gave You All 
Little Lion Man 
Lover of the Light 
Thistle & Weeds 
Broken Crown 
After the Storm 
Awake My Soul 
Dust Bowl Dance 
Lady of the River (King Charles cover) (with Cadillac Sky)
Go to Sleep (The Avett Brothers cover) (with Cadillac Sky)
The Cave

I think that it pretty much speaks for itself. Looking back, I realize I got to hear A LOT of songs that aren’t played very much anymore. I comforted Andie as she bawled her eyes out during Timshel. She covered me as I ninja’d an awesome video of Aawake My Soul. She also saved me from being killed by Ben’s piano during Dust Bowl Dance. That man rocked out so hard on the piano that it FELL over. If it had fallen off the stage it more than likely would have fallen directly on me. When it was happening she screamed at me “He’s coming closer! HE’S COMING CLOSER!” And what did I do in response….pulled out my camera to take photos!! Even if I died, it had to be documented. Suffice to say, my face was properly melted.

This was the best photo I could get of Winston because he was on the other side, as was Ted.

One of the first “official” photos of Ross Holmes as an honorary “Son.”

Here’s the infamous Ben photo after his keyboard fell over and he continued to play. Please notice the UR a Fucking (Star) sticker that David Mayfield put on his keyboard before the show!
Especially when they all (Mumford & Sons, Cadillac Sky, & King Charles) came back for the encore to play Go To Sleep by the Avetts.

After the show, Andie and I headed out back to where the tour buses were parked. There was a short line of people waiting to talk to Ben. He was so awesome and taking time to actually talk with everyone individually. When I finally got up to talk to him, I told him what an inspiration the band was to me and how unique they were. I’m sure I rambled on and babbled. He just smiled and said “Thank you so much. It doesn’t matter how many times we hear that, it always means just as much.” Then I proceeded to tell him how he had almost killed me with his piano during the show. To which he replied, “I seriously thought I broke it. That’s why I immediately walked off the stage after the song. I played through because the song has to have the piano bit at the end.” He then took my ticket and wrote “Blair, Sorry I almost killed you. Benji.” We high fived, then hugged a million times. When we went to go take a photo together, I took off my glasses and he asked if he could wear them. He actually said “Let’s take two photos. One with me in the glasses and one without.” So we did. After he took my glasses off, he said “Woah! Those are amazing. I can see so clearly with them on. Maybe I need to have my eyes examined!” After he was finished talking to everyone else, he came back over to where we were standing and talked to us for a bit longer. I told him that Mumford and Sons were probably going to be nominated for a Grammy. He just laughed and shook his head and said “Naaaaah. Nope. No way. We are too new.” And I said, “Yes, exactly. For Best New Artist.” *Cough*I told you so, Ben.*Cough*

After we chatted with Ben, we continued to wait in the freezing cold to see if anyone else would come out. The crowd waiting dwindled down to about 10 people or so. Then out came Marcus. When I approached him, I was not quite as well spoken as I was with Ben. I think my entire body was frozen at this point. I just said “Tttttthaaaaanks.” He replied “Oh my word, you’re freezing. Come here let me warm you.” He then wrapped me in his arms and hugged me tight for our photo. After we took the picture, he put his hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eye and said “Go home and take a warm bath.” I just laughed and nodded my head because HOW THE HELL DO YOU RESPOND TO MARCUS MUMFORD TELLING YOU TO TAKE A BATH?

The photos all pretty much speak for themselves. Needless to say, it was a night I will NEVER forget. I honestly cannot believe it has already been a year.


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